Poem Bean

I have a bean...

The Poem Bean is a silly little gadget communicating in an oldschool way. You can store a poem or any personal message in your bean.
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Poetry is good, but it is even better if Morse coded!

What is Poem Bean?

Like a tiny new media hero, it carries a modern-day message in a bottle and connects literature with new media. The bean shows us how to rediscover poetry with the help of technology.


We like to explore different ways of creating connections between artistic areas. Linking literature and new media - transmitting poems in Morse code - gives us a funny new device that can be used to send (secret) messages and to enjoy poetry.

How does it work?

Push the Bean's belly so that the LED eye starts blinking the encoded poem in Morse code.

If you know Morse code you can read out the hidden message easily. If you are unfamiliar with Morse code, please visit our Beanary which will help you to translate the code. There you can also find out how to teach a new poem to your bean.